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Featuring guitar superlative, Kelly Jones and beloved Blues vocalist, Peggy Ratusz.

From covers to originals, this pairing performs a wide
variety of styles including rural roots Blues, classic Country, throwback R&B and
vintage rock and folk! A harmonious and rhythmic combo, they’ll make you
wanna dance and sing along.

Kelly Jones plays nice with numerous area projects including Jesse Barry & the
Jam, Blake Elledge and Emerald Empire . A savvy and benevolent instrumentalist,
he can go full on or lays it back to match the feeling and the time. From Rock n’
Roll to Jazz, from Country & Western to Blues, this guy delivers.
The ‘ruby-throated’ Blues Chanteuse, Peggy Ratusz entices audiences with
mouthwatering interpretations and delicious turn of phrases. With succulent
ease, she pours her hot buttered vocals over Ballads, Blues and Jazz like a 5-star
chef. She lays it all out on the stage, for everyone to savor and enjoy.”

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