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“Jazz in the Vines at Souther Williams Vineyard” is a delightful fusion of two cultural treasures: music and wine. Nestled amidst the picturesque vineyards of Southern Williams Vineyard, this event offers a unique and harmonious experience for attendees. Come and experience where the mountains meet the vines, and visitors are treated to the smooth and soulful sounds of jazz, as the music flows, guests can savor the vineyard’s finest wines, enhancing the sensory journey. Jazz in the Vines captures the essence of Southern hospitality, inviting both wine connoisseurs and music enthusiasts to come together and celebrate life’s pleasures in a serene setting.

Maddy & Masterpiece have entertained guests for many years at the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa with their wide variety of musical styles and unique interpretation of the Great American Songbook. Maddy Winer expands the Songbook to include every style & era of music…Oldies, Beach, Big Band and, of course, lots of jazz!

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